Ecommerce 101 – 3 Subjects You Should Have Covered Before Starting Your First Online Store

For many of us and I know certainly for me is a dream to open up our very own successful online eCommerce portal. While we all may have different visions about the contents and products of each store there will still common threads that we need to understand that tie all popular shopping portals together. Sure there are highly important essentials like great customer service, inventory management and search engine optimization (SEO) but for this tips article I want to stick to the bare basics and true foundations that compose our favorite eCommerce outlets. In this blog I want to take a look at the 4 pillars of business I think every aspiring internet entrepreneur should think about.

Ecommerce Essential #1: Secure Servers and Payment Processors

The truth is since there is no hard currency in a digital world the very first focus on any web store should finding a secure platform to work from and secure banking and payment processing system to use. You can have all the bells and whistles you want but if people do not feel safe and secure giving you their information or do not have a way to pay for goods then your business will be stuck in unprofitable limbo.

Ecommerce Essential #2: Domain Name and Base Branding

Believe or not domain names still hold a lot of weight when it comes to creating a favorable shopping experience. With more .dot extensions available then ever before (i.e. .biz, .info, .org etc.) the options have opened up even wider to what are the best potential online business names. Whatever you choose make sure it follows best practices and caters to the brand and image you want to create for your company.

Ecommerce Essential #3: Website Promotions and Internet Marketing

If no one can find you online that is going to be a problem. Be sure you have your promotions and marketing game plans set before you even start creating the physical space online. A stocked store with no visitors is pretty useless so be sure you know how to drive traffic and interest to your selling space before you even get off the ground and open the doors.

As you will find out there is a lot to learn and think about when starting your very first online store and it is secure server products like CWP Secure that can really make the process a lot easier.

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