Elements That Make Up A Great Online Product Review – A Breakdown Of The PAX 3 Vaporizer Review

pax-3-vaporizer-pax123-1-1500x1000As a hosting and web design company we are always constantly evaluating the various elements from the world wide web.  From website to design to content creation to social media cultivation we enjoy dissecting and breaking down all aspects of what makes projects and products successful online.  We feel the better we understand what makes the Internet tick the more apt we will be in servicing our clients to get them exactly what they want.  Part of our job is helping our customers become successful because the longer they thrive the more likely they are to continue with further hosting services making it a win win for everyone.  Lets take a moment to checkout the Paintthemoon.org PAX 3 Vaporizer Review to get a better understanding on what makes a great online product review.


Insightful and Impactful Online Product Review Element #1: Visual Media


One of our favorite parts of the Paintthemoon.org Pax 3 Reviews are the big, bold and clear pictures and images included throughout the write up.  By including multiple pictures that visually show what the words are describing is an ideal way to draw the reader into your message and really have them become connected to and invested in the product.  One element we would have liked to seen added to this  PAX 3 Vaporizer Review is video.  Video is playing a much greater role online these days and they can really help get points across using a more interactive medium so we always like to see videos included when you have the ability to sell something using visual references. The PAX 3 Vaporizer is a great example of a product that would do really well once people see it in action.


Insightful and Impactful Online Product Review Element #2: Formatting and Color Coding


We think the Paintthemoon.org PAX 3 Vaporizer Review does a great job on showing how effective well thought out formatting and color coding can be when trying to expand on and review a topic.  From bullets points to well broken out and bolded title headers to matching a color by name to the actual color (i.e. the word red is actually colored red as well) there are a lot of well placed and strategic design elements that really help the reader follow along with the review while also providing easy access to the most important parts of the article review.


Insightful and Impactful Online Product Review Element #3: Testimonials


One element we would like to have seen included in the Paintthemoon.org Pax 3 review that was not are some extra testimonials.  It might sound weird to want to have testimonials integrated into a review but when you think it about it a little more deeply it actually makes a lot of sense.  Anyone can write a paid or biased review and thanks to places like Amazon’s reviews for free products program people are getting more and more accustomed to this type confusing and at times questionable practice.  What makes third party testimonials so powerful is they lend more credibility to what the reviewer is stating.  There is power in numbers and review write ups are a great opportunity to take advantage of this concept.  Let us know what elements you think make up a great online product review.