Online Risk Management – A By The Numbers Look At Growing Importance Of Server Security

Hackers are getting smarter. Thieves are getting smarter. Online tools are getting better. The fact is a lot of online businesses are vulnerable to cyber security attacks and a lot of the weaknesses of defense start at the server level. While many Internet business owners do not think of the consequences when it comes to server and store security the damages can be real and devastating. This infographic recently caught my eye so I wanted to write a blog on the importance of server security online. For many retail, wholesale and consulting businesses there online presence is everything and if this becomes tampered with there could be some serious repercussions. So what are the numbers and stats saying about the future of cyber security?


Server Security Stat #3 – 76% of Chief Information Officers (CIO) Will Work With Risk Officers

This is a great reminder on how important it is to tap into all resources available to you at your company. If you are a CIO why not meet with the top staff in other departments to work together with the common goal of protecting the companies sensitive computers and information.

Server Security Stat #2 – 23% CIO’S Say Cyber Security Is Significant Reason For Investments

This is just another number highlighting the fact that budgeting and spending on server and cyber security is becoming increasingly important. The trends are favoring towards much larger investments and focus on internet security and this should be embraced by every business as things can go awry very quickly when you don’t keep online protections as a top priority.

Server Security Stat #1 – 18% Of CIO’s In Retail Say Online Security Will Drive Spending

As we all know I am a big ecommerce guy so this is the one stat that really stood out to me. To start this number is way too low. Since ecommerce deals a lot with financial transactions and very personal information we have to take the utmost care in protecting customers and their important data. If people do not feel safe shopping with how well do you imagine business going? The infographic shows that 32% of financial services CIO’s said online security spending is important and we can only hope this number gets higher for all industries.

When it comes to securing your online presence it is products like CWP Secure servers that can set the standard for future of business. State of the art hosting options CWP Secure servers are the premiere choice when it comes to protecting your companies online. I highly encourage all my readers to consider upgrading there servers and hosting as your customers deserve the best when entrusting you with their personal information.