About Me

Dear friends. My name is Jason Varrnel and I am a recent graduate living the single life in the beautiful city of Seattle. I wanted to move to Seattle to become part of a vibrant outdoor community while still staying relatively close to many of the wonderful things currently happening in technology and business. Right now I had to take a job at a call center but my true passion is working in eCommerce. The company I perform customer service for is Columbus Web Products which has introduced a whole new world of ideas and skill sets into my repertoire and for that I am grateful. One valuable asset I have gained from of my line of work is a new appreciation for secure servers and functional website design. Columbus Web Products has a secure server division which I have learned a lot about while doing support for the products that I now want to share with you. This blog will be highly focused on eCommerce as that is what I am most passionate about and it will include a lot of the lessons and experiences I have taken away from working support at a top tech firm.

Secure Servers = Satisfied Shoppers
Jason Varrnel